Skill level

Our patterns have a skill rating based on the complexity of the pattern and the characteristics of the garment.

You have minimal experience and only basic sewing skills, that is, you know how to thread a machine, zigzag fabric edges and sew straight seams.
All our BEGINNER patterns

You can easily follow pattern instructions, understand pattern markings, sew a straight and curved seam. You are ready to learn about darts, different seam finishes, inserting inseam pockets and waistbands.
All our ADVANCED BEGINNER patterns

You have completed several sewing projects and are comfortable with sewing patterns. You know some of the terminology most often used in sewing patterns and instructions, and feel confident enough to try different stitches and techniques such as installing zippers, buttons and buttonholes.
All our INTERMEDIATE sewing patterns

You have tried different techniques enough times to feel confident that you could handle more difficult projects with the help and guidance of the assembly instruction.
All our ADVANCED sewing patterns

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