Fashion made by you

The Assembly Line is where fashion meets sewing. Where experienced makers and curious beginners inspire each other to become their own style gurus and fashion icons.

Sewing one’s own clothes is a conscious choice, for both pleasure and planet. From the outset, The Assembly Line has aimed to make this choice more attractive. Not only to those who are already making their own clothes, but also to people who have not yet discovered sewing as an alternative to ready-made fashion. 

DIY, but make it fashion

The Assembly Line was founded in 2017. Founder Anki Josefsson saw a gap between the fashion industry and the crafts industry. Here was an opportunity to turn sewing into an actual alternative to buying the ready-made garments found on the high street. This meant the joy of sewing had to be made available to as many people as possible. 

The name ‘The Assembly Line’ alludes to the customer being invited into the production chain. Of course, ‘Line’ also means a collection within the fashion industry.

Impatience is a blessing

Among TAL makers, the brand is known for its unique aesthetic as well as for its super user-friendly patterns and assembly instructions. These features can be traced back to two of the founder’s personality traits: Sense of style and lack of patience. 

Guided by her own impatience, Anki Josefsson knew she had to make it easy. Easy to find the materials needed and easy to create the garment with a guaranteed high-end result. Even for a non-professional. No more unfinished sewing projects in the closet! 

Simplicity with a twist

This ease of sewing is always combined with Anki’s unique sense of style. According to her own words the TAL aesthetic is characterized by ”simple lines, contemporary designs, functional yet stylish”. It results in a quirky simplicity that makes it easy to make a TAL garment your own, by choosing the perfect fabric, mixing, matching, accessorizing, and layering. It truly is fashion made by you. 

Anki on getting started:

”Just go for it. Start simple and learn along the way. Trust the instructions, take your time preparing the fabric and cutting out the pattern. Also, don’t take it, or yourself, too seriously. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Swear if you must, take a walk and a cup of coffee, and then get back to it.”

Anki on fashion:

”Fashion is about attitude. I love when the clothes you wear become an expression of who you are. And creating your own fashion really gives you the perfect playground to choose colours, shapes, accessories and more, based on your own preference and mood. Believe in yourself and what you’re wearing and it will all look fantastic!”

Anki on the TAL makers:

”Our community is a place filled with helpful fellow makers. The kindness and generosity amongst the makers of The Assembly Line world still amaze and inspire me!”

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