How to construct your digital pattern

Digital patterns are PDF files that you receive instantly (in our shop and by email) after purchasing!
They are ready to print at home (A4 or US Letter) or at a printshop (A0).


Simply purchase your digital pattern from our webshop. Once your purchase is complete, either download the zipped file that shows on your confirmation page in our shop or pop along to the email address you used when purchasing the product, choose View order in the order confirmation and you'll be directed to the download page. When downloading you'll receive zipped PDF files to your computer which includes the sewing pattern and the instruction. Remember to check your spam filter – your email will arrive from THE ASSEMBLY LINE SHOP


- Click on the link in our shop or in the email
- Download the zipped files. 
- Save the files to your computer.
- If the system doesn't automatically un-zip the files, you have to do it manually. (Usually enough to just double-click on the symbol).
- Open the PDFs (we advise that you use Adobe Reader – download here). Using Adobe Reader is the most accurate way to print these PDFs.


First, only print the INSTRUCTION file to A4 or (instead of printing it) you could follow the instruction manual on your screen.


There is a 10cm square on one of the first pages of the PDF pattern that looks like this:

You are only going to print this page first. It is critical that when this page is printed the 10cm square measures exactly 10cm.

- Make sure your paper is ready and in the printer straight. If your printer has paper guides make sure they are set correctly and holding your paper straight
- Go to print settings Select “actual size” / “fit” / “custom scale 100%”
- Orientation should be “portrait”
- Print only the page that has the 10cm square
- Measure the square with a ruler / measuring tape and, if perfect, print the rest of the pattern (make sure the print settings haven’t changed)
If it is not measuring 10cm, adjust the scaling on your printer settings and try again until you reach the perfect 10cm square and then print the rest of the pattern


This requires some patience, glue (or tape but we prefer glue as tape may melt when ironed) and a sharp pair of paper scissors.

The first page is your pattern layout guide, showing you how to fit your pieces together. Use this guide when laying out your pages.

On the dashed borders, cut accurately along the top and left hand side line on each page.

Don’t worry if the pattern pieces look like they are upside down, just ensure that your numbers on each page are the right way up!
Once they are all cut out, take your layout guide and start laying out the first row.

You’ll notice that each page has a large half triangle on all sides of the page. These match up to the corresponding page so that you can fit these pages together accurately.

Don’t go crazy with glue and tape, match up the half triangles at top and side of the paper whilst checking that the pattern markings match up too. You only need enough glue to hold them gently together. Too much glue and you may struggle to line up the pieces.

Go slowly and methodically work your way across each piece from left to right.
Then start on the next row, joining each piece to the top first, and then adding on the next piece in the row.

Once completed, check your pattern pieces are all correct, cut out your pieces and you’re ready!

Enjoy and don’t forget to send us some pictures! We love to see what you have made –


The pattern pieces fit together along the sides but not along the bottom (or vice versa)

This is down to how the paper is being fed into your printer. Check whether your printer has guides that hold the paper in place as these will help to feed the paper through accurately. Still having a problem? You may need to use a different printer to get better accuracy

I’ve searched my email (and spam) and can’t find the download

Contact us at with your order number and we will look in to it straight away.

I used PayPal to complete my purchase

The download link will be delivered to your PayPal email address.

Do you any questions or need any help? Email us at and we will be happy to help!

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