How to add the Wrap jacket neckline

How to add the Wrap jacket neckline
Since we know a few of you have experienced some difficulty with adding the neckline to the Wrap jacket we have tried to explain it a little more in detail. Referring to step 13 in your Assembly instruction.

First of all, make sure you have all pattern parts cut out in the same size. If you print your pattern online, make sure all print outs are customised at 100% scale size so all pieces will fit nicely together and that the 10 cm square is just that, 10x10 cm.

This is how long your collar part should be when CB is stitched together, and garment is lying flat.


To get the best result, when sewing the bust dart and collar, we suggest to pin tightly along the seam, and if needed tack as well. Since a great part of the seam is sewn in diagonal fabric, it tends to stretch and widen a bit.

Start at centre back and pin your way down to the point of the bust dart on each side. Make sure to “ease” the fabric into place as you go from centre back and down. Then sew carefully making sure to avoid creases from building up on the neck piece. May seem a bit tricky, but if tacked first it should be easy-peasy.

First pins placed between centre back and bust dart marking. At least double the amount of needles to avoid creasing.


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