Transitional dresses - how to make your patterns work through the seasons

Transitional dresses - how to make your patterns work through the seasons

We love dresses! They are fun to make and wonderful to wear. Dresses are also the perfect sewing patterns for makes that transitions through all seasons.

Having makers from all over the world we are constantly aware of the seasons - a summer dress launches in Sweden when spring is in full bloom, just as the air is getting chillier at nights in Australia.

We strive for timeless designs that you can wear and cherish, so we thought we'd share some tips on how you can make the most of the patterns you have bought. 


Transform with fabric

Fabric is magic. Nothing defines the garment you're making as much as the fabric you choose. Wool, cord and knitted materials give warmth, whilst linen blends and light weight cotton are your best friends in a heatwave. Silk (especially raw silk) and tencel are fabrics that we think really suit all seasons.  


Hack to match the season

In most of our patterns we give instruction on how to shorten or lengthen sleeves or skirt. The V-neck dress is a 2-in-1 pattern and can easily be made as a sleeveless dress. But the options don't stop there; our wonderful community of assemblers keep coming up with creative hacks and share them on Instagram with #talpatterns or #talpatternhacks and in our facebook group. One clever hack is turning your dress into a tunic using thin wool and to wear it with trousers when autumn comes. 

Don't be afraid to experiment:
Use cheaper fabric (or why not a wornout bedsheet)
and try out your ideas!


Style accordingly

This is by far our favourite way to transition the TAL makes. And perhaps also the easiest. Our designer and founder Anki loves a good layering and have had that in mind for the dresses she's created.

All of them look great with a turtleneck or a thin wool long sleeved top underneath. Or why not put a puff shirt under your sleeveless v-neck dress? Add a pair of knit tights and boots and you're ready to take on any wintery challenge. 

We're working towards showing you all our patterns in different fabrics and styled for both summer and winter to inspire you further.


Transitional inspiration from our wonderful assemblers:


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