How To Make the Perfect Blouse

How To Make the Perfect Blouse

Our founder and designer Anki talks us through our new pattern the Tie Bow Blouse and gives some tips on how to make your perfect office attire. 

What was the inspiration behind the Tie Bow Blouse? 

When designing this blouse I wanted a classic shape with a victorian vibe. Also, I love pussycat bows, but sometimes they are just too much for the occasion. Hence the optional tie!

To create TAL’s version of the ultimate romantic garment - a challenge I simply couldn't resist. And the inspiration box was big! Influenced by blouses worn by my mother and her friends when I was growing up in the eighties, Katharine Hepburn with her iconic upturned collar, the queen Iris Apfel with her larger than life accessories and many, many more.

Style icons Katharine Hepburn and Iris Apfel

Image source: Iris Apfel on Instagram

Later during the process, I felt that it also became a celebration to the post-COVID life. This is not a leisurewear kind of pattern, and I believe I'm not the only one longing to get all dressed up for work and parties again. 

How difficult is it to make?

It’s defined as skill level ‘Average’, but do not let that scare you too much. If you have a couple of easy to make patterns under your belt and really want to evolve to "buttonhole-level" (or have a machine that can make automatic buttonholes) you should be fine.

Have you any recommendation for fabric?

Light to medium lightweight fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen, wool crepe. The blouse will transform depending on the fabric - from elegant in silk to really cool in crisp poplin. When I started creating it my first thoughts was that the tie needs a drapey fabric, but I have totally changed my mind - the bow is just as grand in a material that has some structure to it.

I think a collarless version in a lightweight wool-blend would look fantastic, please remember to tag it if you make one of these!

Any tips and tricks?

  • Choose push fasteners if you want to avoid buttonholes at all cost, but then obviously skip the tie.
  • OR choose push fasteners and stitch the tie to the collar at centre back, works more like a traditional pussy bow blouse.
  • Make it collarless for a minimalist feel.
  • Wear it untucked, without the tie and with a thin belt, as a tunic over slim trousers for a classic look.
  • Go retro - I think the design has a nod to both the eighties and the seventies, which can be emphasised with the right fabric.
  • Lengthen it to a shift dress.
  • Follow the hashtag on Instagram: #taltiebowblouse, or join our wonderful community on facebook: TAL Sewing Community, to get inspiration or tips from other makers. 

Tie Bow Blouse pattern

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